Susan Goss Johnston

Genealogy Lecturer and Instructor

Susan Goss Johnston

Susan Goss Johnston is a 2011 ProGen alumna, has completed the Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis course at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research and the National Archives' lecture and lab course, Going to the Source, and has attended the National Institute on Genealogical Research. She is a co-editor of the recently published Source Templates for The Master Genealogist (available on Her personal research focuses on families in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, and she specializes in military records. At present, she resides in California, but her life is now "in transition" as she plans a move to another state. Sadly, she has cancelled most of her upcoming presentations. Later this year, she'll be re-evaluating these presentations for webinar possibilities.

All lectures are PowerPoint presentations that include real-life examples and case studies, all include handouts, and seminar presentations include optional workshops.

Coming Up Next

Spreadsheets: The Wonderful Tool Genealogists Seldom Use
California Genealogical Society and Oakland Family Search Library, 26 March 2016

2015-2016 Presentations

Meeting-length Presentations

These presentations are approximately 50 minutes in length. Mouse-over the presentation title for more information.

Course-length Presentations

These presentations are 90 to 115 minutes in length. Meeting-length editions may be available.

Seminar-length Presentations

For availability and additional information on presentations please contact Susan Johnston at Email me

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